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              Novo Home at FMG - Local Home Furnishing

              NOVO HOME NORTH AMERICA was founded in 2008 with a few simple things in mind …..

              Create a Company that is
              • “Relationship Driven & Distinctively Different”

              • Provide Value without sacrificing Quality

              • Provide our Customers Solutions aligned with their values and goals

              • Create a Seamless Supply Chain and Logistics Network Domestically and Internationally

              • Reinforce our Promises with the Strongest Warranties in the Industry

              NOVO HOME NORTH AMERICA services a wide range of valued customers today from our strategically located U.S. Distribution Facilities and a Dedicated Transportation Fleet specializing in residential furniture. NOVO HOME NORTH AMERICA’S manufacturing resources ensure that our customers always receive product excelling in design and construction at a competitive price.

              We offer a wide range of High Quality Top Grain Leather and Performance Bonded Leather Residential Motion & Stationary Furniture. Our Warehouse Selections include more than 25 combinations of frames and cover choices.

              Find a Novo Home Retailer

              Stores per Page:
              Sort by:

              Jacksonville, NC - Bell Fork Rd.

              507 Bell Fork Rd.
              Jacksonville, North Carolina 28541

              Jacksonville, NC - Lejeune Blvd.

              2015 Lejeune Blvd.
              Jacksonville, North Carolina 28540

              New Bern, NC

              2880 Neuse Blvd.
              New Bern, North Carolina 28560

              Greenville, NC

              131 SW Greenville Blvd.
              Greenville, North Carolina 27834

              Goldsboro, NC - East Ash St.

              2539 East Ash Street
              Goldsboro, North Carolina 27531

              Goldsboro, NC - Landmark Dr.

              912 Landmark Drive
              Goldsboro, North Carolina 27532

              Rocky Mount, NC

              1310 North Wesleyan Blvd.
              Rocky Mount, North Carolina 27804

              Kinston, NC

              2429 North Herritage Street
              Kinston, North Carolina 28504
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