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              Global Furniture at FMG - Local Home Furnishing

              • 288 Contemporary End Table with Stool and Glass Top by Global Furniture
              • 9963 2 Piece Casual Reclining Living Room Group by Global Furniture
              • 992 Modern Leather Sofa with Curved Arms by Global Furniture
              • 8135 Casual Three Piece Sectional Sofa with One Recliner and Storage Drawer by Global Furniture
              • 2033 Contemporary Sectional with Corner Wedge by Global Furniture
              • 928 Contemporary Leather Sofa with Metal Feet by Global Furniture
              • 2033 Contemporary Leather Chair with Exposed Wood Arms by Global Furniture
              • 2033 Contemporary Leather Chair with Exposed Wood Arms by Global Furniture
              • 2033 Contemporary Leather Chair with Exposed Wood Arms by Global Furniture
              • 2033 Contemporary Leather Chair with Exposed Wood Arms by Global Furniture
              Founded in 1999, Global Furniture USA has become one of the premier importers and distributors of fine home furnishings in the United States as well as serving as a prominent force in the international market. We offer single item shipments out of our east coast facility located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In addition, we provide a container program of cataloged items or custom made products based on customer specifications.
              We maintain a competitive product edge on our container program due to the fact that our overseas warehouses provide us with the flexibility to satisfy customer needs by providing containers of mixed products. In addition, our container program specialists work with customers to build products based on customer specific requirements.

              Our marketing and merchandising efforts are geared toward providing a broad selection of styles, at competitive prices, quick delivery to the consumer and strong customer support. We serve as a direct factory importer and as a result of this, we have been able to market our products at lower prices and offer quicker delivery to our customers than many of our competitors.

              This flexibility, as well as industry best turn around times has allowed our customer base to grow to over 1300 retailers throughout the United States. The mission behind Global Furniture is to establish positive relationships with its customers while providing quality products at competitive prices. We have been extremely successful at accomplishing our mission consecutively for the past 5 years.
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              Find a Global Furniture Retailer

              Stores per Page:
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              Orland Park, IL

              15400 La Grange Road
              Orland Park, Illinois 60462

              Royal Furniture - Jackson, TN

              2855 US Highway 45 Bypass
              Jackson, Tennessee 38305
              (731) 660-1460

              Royal Furniture - Cordova, TN

              1862 North Germantown Parkway
              Cordova, Tennessee 38016
              (901) 755-1330

              Royal Furniture - Lamar, TN

              2700 Lamar Avenue
              Memphis, Tennessee 38114
              (901) 324-2700

              Royal Furniture - Memphis Outlet, TN

              3715 Hickory Hill Rd.
              Memphis, Tennessee 38115
              (901) 365-8164

              Royal Furniture - Southaven, MS

              6526 Airways Blvd.
              Southaven, Mississippi 38671
              (662) 349-0725

              Royal Furniture - Summer, TN

              5226 Summer Ave.
              Memphis, Tennessee 38122
              (901) 525-5300

              Royal Furniture - Whitehaven, TN

              4121 Elvis Presley Blvd.
              Memphis, Tennessee 38116
              (901) 525-4000

              Royal Furniture - Winchester, TN

              7200 Winchester Rd.
              Memphis, Tennessee 38125
              (901) 794-6275

              Royal Furniture - Memphis Warehouse, TN

              3374 Tranquility Dr
              Memphis, Tennessee 38116
              (901) 346-1446

              Bayonne New Jersey Furniture Store

              40 East 53rd Street
              Bayonne, New Jersey 07002
              (201) 436-2000

              Lakewood New Jersey Furniture Store

              1900 Route 70 East
              Lakewood, New Jersey 08701
              (732) 262-2200

              East Brunswick New Jersey Furniture Store

              45 Sixth Street
              East Brunswick, New Jersey 08816
              (732) 257-2500

              Manahawkin New Jersey Furniture Store

              712 East Bay Avenue
              Manahawkin, New Jersey 08050
              (609) 597-4900

              Toms River New Jersey Furniture Store

              949 Route 37 West
              Toms River, New Jersey 08753
              (732) 341-6766

              Green Brook New Jersey Furniture Store

              200 Route 22 West
              Green Brook, New Jersey 08812
              (732) 752-0900

              Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc - Clive, IA

              2075 NW 94th St
              Clive, Iowa 50325
              (515) 727-6500

              Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc - Kansas City, KS

              1601 Village West Pkwy
              Kansas City, Kansas 66111
              (913) 288-6200

              Nebraska Furniture Mart Inc - Omaha, NE

              700 S 72nd St
              Omaha, Nebraska 68114
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