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              Prime Brothers Furniture

              Company Information

              Prime Brothers prides itself on its large selection of sofas, recliners, love seats, chairs, mattresses, lamps, home decorating accents, entertainment centers, dining room and bedroom sets. As you wander through their 35,000 square foot showroom, you'll always find plenty of merchandise in stock in a variety of styles and colors.

              Unlike some furniture stores, there's NO high pressure, in your face sales pitch at Prime Brothers. You get the best most experienced sales team available.

              As a part of a furniture marketing group (FMG), Prime Brothers has the buying power to negotiate great deals with manufacturers -- thus offer deep discounts and exceptional values on name brand furniture, mattresses and home furnishings for our customers.

              In 2003-2004 Prime Brothers was voted the best furniture store and best mattress store.

              - Low pressure shopping environment
              - Since 1946
              - Incredible furniture assortment - most items are in stock
              - Low price guarantee
              - Easy payment plans with your Prime Brothers Card
              - Free Delivery
              - Free removal of old furniture
              - Easy Lay-a-Way Program
              - Professional service department
              - Member of FMG - Nation's most powerful buying group
              - Member National Home Furnishings Associations

              Financing Service

              Prime Brother's Credit Account

              Special financing Offer No Payments for 12 Months!

              Please call us to apply over the phone

              Markets Served

              The Prime Brothers Furniture and Mattress Retail Showroom is Located in Bay City Michigan and serves Lower Saginaw, Saginaw, Midland, Essexville, Bangor, Frankenlust, Zilwaukee, Frankenmuth, Hampton, Merritt, Monitor, Portsmouth, Coleman, Edenville, Geneva, Sanford, and more.

              The company delivers throughout the Michigan Tri Cities and beyond to Saginaw County, Shiawassee County, Tuscola County, Gratiot County, Genesee County, Clinton County, Bay County and Midland County.


              PrimeBrothers.com is one of the most extensive and useful home furnishings websites on the Internet. The online product catalog features thousands of products from more than 29 brand name furniture manufacturers. In the extensive special order online catalog search engine you can view tens of thousands of pictures and in depth product information, such as: descriptions, dimensions, features, construction information, and more. The site features tens of thousands of photographs, enabling visitors to see views of items, room settings, finish and fabric samples, line drawings and more.

              The site makes it easy to learn about and see your choices - click to view alternate finishes and colors, and easily click to any of the coordinating items from a collection so you can find the matching night stand, armoire, dresser and mirror to go with your bed. Website features include an impressive "Narrow Your Search" feature that enables you to search for any type of product according to features, preferences and needs. You can instantly find that traditional, cherry, end table that is between 40 and 45 inches. The website makes it easy to view information rich side-by-side comparisons of items. A handy wish list allows users to save items they are interested in to show to a spouse or friend at a later time and from any computer. The site provides easy access to many of their important supplier sites, apply for special financing offers online, view current advertising, get maps and directions to all the stores, sign up for exclusive offers by email and much more. You can even use our free room planner to create your dream room. PrimeBrothers.com is a truly world class website – stop by today!

              Company History

              Serving Bay City, Michigan and the surrounding area since 1946.

              Prime Brothers Furniture Store Locations

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