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              Warehouse Furniture Showroom

              Company Information

              Warehouse Furniture has been serving the home furnishing needs of the Hudson Valley in upstate New York since 1935. From the beginning, Warehouse Furniture Showroom has built it's reputation on fast delivery, quality products, and customer service that is second to none.

              Whether you're looking for home furnithings, bedding, or accessories, we are your "Money Saver".

              But most importantly, come on in, and let us show you why Warehouse Furniture Showroom is your number 1 choice for quality home funishings.

              Lowest Prices Guaranteed!

              Markets Served

              Located in Newburgh, NY in the southeastern part of New York state. Welcoming customers from Glenwood Park, Balmville, East Coldenham, Lake Washington, Denniston, Vallis Gate, Beacon, Brockway, and New Windsor, NY. Located near Stewart International Airport and accessible from both I-84 and I-87.


              Your search for your next piece of furniture begins and ends at www.Warehouse-Furniture.com. Here you can browse selections from their massive inventory and get inspiration for that perfect look. See pictures of furniture for your living room, master bedroom, kids rooms, dining room, or home office and browse a variety of accessories, curios, recliners, and entertainment furniture for the finishing touches. You can learn more about their warranties, get tips to protect your furniture, read about financing, and get directions and contact information. If you’re looking for furniture in the Hudson Valley, you need to visit www.Warehouse-Furniture.com.

              Warehouse Furniture Showroom Store Locations

              Warehouse Furniture Showroom Brand Names

              This dealer has not selected manufacturers.

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