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              Bedroom Decorating and Furnishing Solutions


              Local Home Furnishings Dot Com can help you find the leading retail bedroom furniture stores and showrooms in your area. Local retailers not only offer the finest selection of bed room and guest bed room furniture, but they have millions of dollars worth of in-stock inventory for immediate delivery of many of the best selling items.

              Visit a bricks and mortar showroom to see the merchandise in person, sit in it, judge the quality and comfort for yourself, and get expert decorating assistance. Only local home furnishings retailers can provide the level of service you deserve before, during, and after the sale.

              Our retailer’s showrooms, expert staff, and websites will help you find the perfect furniture and furnish your master bedroom, kids room, guest bed room or den. We have many items in stock and can special order custom upholstery and custom furniture from a huge assortment of suppliers. We offer an impressive selection of styles, brands, materials, colors and patterns to decorate your home, so you’re certain to find the bedroom furniture you’re looking for.

              Master Bedroom Furniture

              Choose from our retailer’s wide selections of Beds, Dressers, Mirrors, Dressers, Bureaus, Armoires, Night Stands, Bachelor Chests, Headboards, Footboards, Bookcase Beds, Platform Beds, Pier Beds, Upholstered Beds, Storage Beds, Brass Beds, Bedding, Bedroom Groups, Daybeds, Sleigh Beds, Four Poster Beds, Leather Beds, Panel Beds, Decorative Chests, Wooden Chairs, Entertainment Centers, Mattress Sets, Bedroom Sets, and TV Stands. We have all the sizes too, King, Queen, Full, Double and Twin. Even Extra Long (XL) Mattresses.

              Childrens Furniture - Youth Bedroom

              Our retailers offer a huge selection of Bunk Beds, Captain Beds, Loft Centers, Canopy Beds, Dressing Tables, Chest of Drawers, Media Storage, Toy Boxes, Trundle Units, Under Bed Storage, Student Desks, Bookcases, TV Units, Desk and Hutch, Computer Units, Video Game Furniture, Corner Computer Desks, Vanities, Cribs, Doll Cabinets, Wardrobes, Bureaus, and Playroom Furniture.

              Bedroom Accent Furnishings

              Add the finishing touches to your bedroom with Decorative Accents, Lighting, Lamps, Accessories, Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Mirrors, and Wall Art.

              Find Your Style

              We can help you find the perfect furniture, arrange your room, plan your space, choose accessories, coordinate fabrics, finishes and colors, and decorate. Whatever your decorating style, we can help. Our huge selection includes: Coastal, Contemporary, Country, Traditional, Transitional, Modern, Casual, Adirondack, Asian, Mission, Rustic, Cottage, Amish, Formal, French Country, Retro, Lodge, and Comfortable. Create the perfect bedroom retreat - relaxing, romantic, peaceful, playful... If you use your bedroom for reading, watching television or TV, playing video games, or working on your computer, then look for multi-purpose storage pieces.

              Woods and Finishes

              Select the perfect finish to match your décor and your tastes. Choose from Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Pine, Birch, Glass, Marble, Granite Tops, White Painted, Metal, and Hand Painted.

              Find Local Home Furnishings Retailers by State

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